Our Work

National Heritage Areas are places where historic, cultural, and natural resources combine to form cohesive, nationally important landscapes.  Unlike national parks, National Heritage Areas are large lived-in landscapes. Consequently, National Heritage Area entities collaborate with communities to determine how to make heritage relevant to local interests and needs. 


Located in central North Dakota along the Missouri River, the Northern Plains National Heritage Area (NPNHA) encompasses:

  • Sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places 
  • Designated as National Historic Landmarks 
  • Federal, state, and local parks and wildlife management areas 
  • Recreational resources and activities associated with the Missouri River 
  • Cultural organizations, events, and festivals

Utilizing federal funds, partners with state and local organizations to attract visitors to their events and programs, working toward cohesive messaging and cooperative operations.


Our mission at the Northern Plains Heritage Foundation is to preserve, promote, and develop the cultural, natural, and scenic resources along the Missouri River in central North Dakota.  


The Northern Plains Heritage Foundation strives to build partnerships and foster support among community leaders and legislators, raising awareness about the importance of natural, historic, cultural, educational, scenic, and recreational resources of the Northern Plains. 

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